Air Fryer



Product Details

Introducing the revolutionary Air Fryer from Cookware Kings.

The Air Fryer from Cookware Kings uses a variety of innovative attachments enabling a multitude of cooking types. Whether you’re grilling a perfect rib eye in the grill rack, roasting a rotisserie chicken on the skewer, barbecuing kebabs using the ten piece kebab wheel, Air Frying chips with the rotating fry basket or perfecting your crispy base with the pizza stone the Air Fryer does it all!

The highly efficient infa red heat and turbo fan give you the tenderest of meat on the inside while crisping the outside to perfection. Not only is infa red fantastic for browning it is also incredibly energy efficient using only 1.2kw. This makes it popular with caravan and motorhome enthusiasts.

Ideal for families with a 10 litre capacity enabling a whole dinner to be cooked at the same time. The 10 litre bowl is also removable for easy cleaning and is also dishwasher safe. The Fry Basket can hold around 1kg of fries and the rotisserie will comfortably hold a 1.6kg chicken.

Now you can enjoy all of your favourite foods only a lot healthier, a lot faster and a lot tastier!